On Friday, December 13th it was a pleasure to host Tears Mean Love in the Leon’s Suite at CAA Arena. This organization was nominated to take part in our Community Spotlight program because of the selfless work their doing to help patients and families living through childhood cancer.

Tears mean Love was founded in loving memory of Kathleen “Katie” Wilson who passed away on February, 10, 2011 at the young age of 15, after a short battle with osteosarcoma. Katie inspired and encouraged everyone she met despite what she faced.

When she was diagnosed our family, friends and community rallied around our family helping us with various fundraisers and support as we faced the devastation of the diagnosis. When Katie was told that she had 3-6 months left everyone was devastated. Friends came to visit and said they didn’t want to cry in front of Katie, but we quickly coined the phrase that “Tears Mean Love” as the tears showed how much love we had for Katie. As we pay it forward we want to be able to help out local families who must travel between 100-200 km for treatment while trying to balance home life .Faith is a big part of our lives and even though our faith was shattered, we still know it is our faith that carries us each day. With that we want to help churches find ways to reach out to those who are in crisis in their community with practical helps. helping them also reach out to those who are grieving and what are best practices for helping them. We like the term RAKK (Random Act of Kindness for Katie) as our motto as we continue to pay it forward. The generosity of our family, friends and community carried us through and Tears Mean Love is a great way to pay it forward.

– Evelyn Wilson